13. 5. 2020

English version | Dream in rendez-vous colour


Alone, but not lonely. From the days spent solo, come the nights that unite two bodies in one, in a wanderlust fit for an r.e.m. state of mind. From the days spent solo, come the nights that predict a reunion, a restart, a re-connection that will be for sure intense, passionate, heartfelt. From the days spent solo, come the foreseeing nights of endless hours touching constantly, as if touching was talking about love. And in that conversation, nothing will be left unsaid. From the days spent solo, the nights will come that will see dawn with you by my side, beyond the dream and the wanderlust, in that rendez-vous that, just for today, only the moon can guess it. Creative direction by Nicola Scarlino. Photography by Thibault-Théodore Babin. Styling by Gaultier Desandre Navarre.

Full credits on Vogue Portugal's Union issue, published May 2020.
Pode ler a versão portuguesa na edição em papel da Vogue Portugal "Union", publicada em maio 2020.