13. 4. 2020

English Version | Individual partnership


I've created an association. Members: one. Me, the one I look at the mirror, and the creativity that goes together with it. Me, multiplying in two, in three, in four. Me, holding on to projects and tackling them thinking outside the box and with an uncanny resilience. Me, juggling and contorting to surpass these more or less pandemic times and to assure this joint venture consisting of "members: one" is a happy partnership. Because before uniting with others, you need to unite healthily and happily with yourself. Photography by Noémi Ottilia Szabo. Styling by Lyla Cheng.

*Full credits on Vogue Portugal's Union issue, published May 2020.
Pode ler a versão portuguesa na edição em papel da Vogue Portugal "Union", publicada em maio 2020.