31. 3. 2021

English Version | Living or below-living?


This is a story about living. And about surviving. Surviving in a society where success is forbidden, where going out is forbidden, but also where staying in is forbidden.


Where talking is forbidden, smiling is forbidden, but being sad is also forbidden. A society made up of limits and controls and restrictions. A society made of no. Do not smoke. Do not write. Don't dance. Do not photograph. Do not talk. Just shut up. Dont touch. Don't live. How do you survive in such a society? You don't live. It is something of a below living. It's a sub-life. Except in marginal communities. Photography by Fernando Uceda. Styling by Victor Vergara.

*Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's The Forbidden Issue, published april 2021.
Full article and credits on the print issue.