31. 3. 2021

English version | Adam & Steve


Or Ada & Eve. Two boys or two girls or a boy and a girl. They're all human. Just not when it comes to nipples: nowadays, the gender seems to be distinguished by the nipples - and not if they are breasts or pectorals, but if they are banned or not from social media.

In an era when free the nipple is a hashtag, but not a reality, have we lose track of what is truly relevant to ban? Perhaps we are (some of us, at least) just extremely sensitive. And if so, be warned that the editorial that follows is for those of greater sensibility - and common sense. If you are one of those who wouldn't touch the "forbidden fruit", skip directly to the next article, because in this editorial there is no X that marks the censorship. Photography by Branislav Simoncik. Styling by Nina Ford.

*Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's The Forbidden Issue, published april 2021.
Full article and credits on the print issue.