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English Version | Main character energy

Compras 5. 5. 2023

English Version | A thousand and one nights

by Vogue Portugal


Once upon a time, there was a Persian queen, Xerazade, whose tragic fate was sealed after marrying a king, Xariar, who had the habit of marrying a different bride every night and having her killed the next morning. However, Xerazade managed to reverse her terrible fate by telling wonderful stories that captured the curiosity of her husband - always interrupting them at dawn, only to finish them the next night. It was this trick that kept her alive “a thousand and one nights”, at the end of which the king no longer wanted to execute her. What has never been known - until now - is that Xerazade was already sporting the most beautiful rubies and diamonds, and that she never dispensed with piercings in white gold and pearls and watches with automatic movement. You read here first. Directed by Gloria Alafarga and Mariana Pimenta. Artwork by João Oliveira.

Translated from the original on The Pleasure Isse, published May 2023.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.