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05 May 2023
By Vogue Portugal

What to read and do this month.

What to read and do this month. 

Ode to Bibliophiles

The pleasure that a book can give us is indescribable. A pending euphoria awaits us at the turn of each page. That is precisely what happens with these classics.

Ode to aesthetes

There is no denying it, art is one of the great pleasures that life has to offer. Its intensity is such that travel is justified on its behalf. Borders don't matter in the face of the possibility of an unmissable exhibition.

Guy Bourdin: StorytellerThere are artists who expand the possibilities of their medium. Such is the case of Guy Bourdin, one of the most influential photographers in the history of Fashion. Trained as a painter, he created an aesthetic where the surreal and the real are mixed. In Guy Bourdin: Storyteller, the Armani/Silos gallery in Milan conducts a tribute to his impact. The exhibition focuses not only on his photographs but on his distinctive artistic approach. For Bourdin, his camera was the medium through which he constructed complex narratives. Drawing inspiration from his favorite artists, such as Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper, the photographer condensed true stories into a single image. The latest Armani/Silos exhibition features Bourdin's most iconic photos, creating a true journey into his artistic genius. These images are complemented by others that, though less famous, inform the photographer's path. The Italian gallery space is transformed to create the ideal atmosphere for the collection. The rooms are flooded with vibrant colors: red, pink, and green complement Bourdin's art. What this exhibition offers is the chance to understand, first-hand, the mind of one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Bourdin redefined the imagery of Fashion through his love of the seventh art and his background in fine art. Armani/Silos Gallery, Milan, through August 31.

Steven Meisel 1993. A Year in PhotographsFew photographers exert as great an influence as Steven Meisel. The American artist was responsible for capturing the chaos of the Fashion industry in the 1990s, the decade when supermodels were sculptural and designers were rockstars. But this era would be nothing without the photographers who took it upon themselves to document this seductive buzz. Meisel's name is inextricably linked to icons like Naomi Campbell or Linda Evangelista. His impact is such that he can (indeed, must) be studied from year to year. It is on this principle that the exhibition Steven Meisel 1993. A Year in Photographs, where the extent of his work during this period is analyzed. It was during this year that the photographer created 28 Vogue covers and over 100 editorials. The exhibition, besides being an excellent excuse to visit A Coruña, is also an opportunity to discover the talent of one of the most famous photographers in the world. Fundación MOP, A Coruña, until May 10.

Originally translated from The Pleasure Issue, published May 2023.Full stories and credits on the print issue. 





Originally translated from The Pleasure Issue, published May 2023.Full stories and credits on the print issue. 



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