5. 8. 2020

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We no longer must stay home. Even though it's preferable that we do stay home - more than it used to be. But we no longer must stay home. We can go to the office, to a shopping center, to a restaurant, to the shops, to a park. And it's also good that we do it. Because we no longer must to stay home. Even if, in many cases, it's still preferable that we do stay home. And it's also not bad to prefer to stay home. Because, when itcomes to freedom, to be able to choose and follow preferences is also a sign that we're free. Even when free means staying in. Procrastinating, no make up on, with a thousand thoughts, just like I prefer. Creative Direction by Pablo Quoos. Photography by Bruna Castanheira. Styling by Cesar Cortinove.

*Full story and credits on Vogue Portugal's Freedom on Hold - Revisited issue, out August 2020.