4. 3. 2021

English Version | Fashion Trends: Creativity Issue

by Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro


Can touch it

Nothing quiet on the western front. The same goes for the eastern one. This season, creativity was the limit, and any expectations that we could had regarding trends were exceeded. Example? Fabrics. More specifically, the textures of fabrics. Pleated, ribbed, creased, with overlaps, here the goal is to enchant two of our most important senses: touch and vision.

Girly, but with a twist

It’s feminine, but it’s also powerful. It's seductive, but it's also a badass. This trend is more or less everything we always wanted our wardrobe to be, we just didn't know how to explain it. Because the affair between sportswear, casual, and classics like a tulle dress or leather boots turned out to be a great love, like those who seem to have always existed, and now we no longer know, nor want, to live without it.

Shape me like one of your sculptures

To all who wonder whether or not fashion is an art form, here is the answer: there are times when we look at a piece of clothing that is so unique and conceptual that it is impossible not to compare it to a sculpture - it was just made of fabric. And, at that moment, the designer rises to the condition of total creator. Brands like Loewe, Givenchy and Annakiki took the expression “go big or go home” to the letter and showed us that, in fact, what is different can be extraordinary.


There are times when we have to put aside “less is more” and assume that we need more. More colors. More mix and match. More prints. More exuberance. And so it was. The Gods heard our prayers and the designers who were passionate about weird looks took some ideas, and some fabrics, from the top hat. And magic happened.

Dreams & nightmares

And now for something completely different... Or maybe not. There will always be a safe place for those who like to maintain a sober look, regardless of the most flamboyant trends of the season. White and black will be here, summer after winter, as the monochromatic scheme par excellence, the one that never fails. And that means we can add any extra to it, because the combination will never look... extravagant.

*Originally published in The Creativity Issue of Vogue Portugal, from march 2021.
Full credits on the print version.