3. 9. 2020

English Version | Blue is the warmest color

by Sara Andrade


Felt pens, watercolor, pencil sketches and ballpoint outlines... there's no line able to divide a project that's based in union. Nor colour that's more gathering than this blue for hope - and for Vogue Union.

Hopeful that better times are coming, hopeful in conquering new ground, in fresh and fruitful restarts, in prosperous continuity. When the new coronavirus threatened the national economy and affected the portuguese Fashion industry in general, and designers in particular, in a harsh way, Vogue called out to the names that are a beacon for national fashion design to bring together a capsule collection that's sewn in portuguese thread.With the DNA of each of the creative leaders, but under one sole label: the Project Vogue Union one.

Saying yes to the challenge came quickly and right afterwards, the ideas, the inspiration, the fabrics, the textures, the tones of blue multiplying in all sorts of Pantones, particularly in the one that's most important: the Union one. From imagination to paper and from paper to print was the middle step before its final presentation. That's the stage that fills the gallery seen here. That's the stage that distinguishes each of the proposals without, nevertheless, mislead the cohesion that one wants in a range that brings together, that joins, that feeds the effort and the belief in an industry, an area, a sector that supports one another. In the individuality of each croqui, lies a joint force, as well. Because at the same time, it mirrors what's most beautiful, what's most honest, what's most hopeful: alliance.

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