2. 4. 2020

English Version | Breaking Amish


If you had never accessed a life filled with permission - permission to drink, to party, to use and abuse technology - would you give up that simpler day to day for these seductive temptations?

When they turn 16, Amish teenagers, used to this conservative lifestyle, enjoy a period of their younger years living a life free of thei community's guidelines. Rumspringa, as it is called, makes them acquainted with different experiences and explore the lifestyle of other "worlds" so they can consciounsly make the deciosion of remaining within their community or forever be forgotten by it. Is there an option more appealing than the other? At first sight, maybe, but actually, they're just decisions - difficult ones. Because the greatest freedom of Rumspringa is the freedom of choice. Photography by Ricardo Santos. Styling by Joel Alves.*

*Full credits on the print issue.

This article was originally published in Vogue Portugal's Freedom issue, from April 2020. 
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