5. 12. 2020

English Version | You can keep your mask on

by Ana Saldanha


Have you heard of the mandatory use of masks? We’ve been saying that for ages. Because they an express treatment that can improve your skincare routine in 15 minutes or while you sleep. 

Working from home? Masking. Long day? Masking. Your skin needs a little glow? Masking. Breakouts and oily skin? Masking. Want to take a break and relax a bit? Masking. You have tons of reasons and ways to fit in a homemade spa in your skincare routine. The only thing you need is to decide what mask are you using - and that’s a tough one since there are tons of masks with different targets and different textures to choose from. If we look into clay masks, there are 9 different types of clay but the most used are green clay, white clay, pink clay, and black clay. And there’s a reason why they are used in cosmetics so frequently: they absorb excess oil, unclog pores, gently exfoliate, and are anti-bacterial. You can use them once to two times a week and the trick to not letting it dry your face too much is to rinse it before it dries completely (and before your face feels too tight). If you are looking for a hydrating mask, you can try an overnight mask that, how the name says, you leave it on to do it’s magic while you sleep. That’s what I woke up like this was about, right? These masks usually have cream or gel textures that remind a rich moisturizer and they can be just hydrating or have some actives light vitamin C to brighten the skin, retinol as an anti-acne or anti-aging treatment, or exfoliating AHA’s or BHA’s to improve skin texture. You can also opt for disposable masks like sheet masks or hydrogel masks that can be quick and useful solutions to include masking in your skincare routine. And if the problem is more specific, there are also eye masks, lip masks and masks formulated specifically to help with dry hands and feet. 

Translated from the original article from Vogue Portugal's Love issue, published in December 2020.
Full credits and story on the print issue.