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English version | Lily-Rose Depp: Pretty in Pink

07 May 2021
By Vogue Portugal

Which is like saying, “belle en rose”. Which is like saying, Lily-Rose Depp in the new shades of Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks. Which is like saying, “Oh là là!”

Which is like saying, “belle en rose”. Which is like saying, Lily-Rose Depp in the new shades of Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks. Which is like saying, “Oh là là!”

The love affair between Lily-Rose Depp and pink is so intense that the color is even present in the name of the actress. We cannot guarantee that this is what lies behind the chosen name by her parents, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. But until further notice, we will at least believe that life tried to show that it was not by chance that rose was forever linked to the young Franco-American. The tone, in its most varied shades, has always punctuated her wardrobe, and makeup is no different. With a long relationship with Chanel - the model even jokes when she says that Chanel was the first word she learned to read - it is not for nothing that she assumes that the maison is more than a brand, it is family: “Chanel has been a part of my life since I can remember”, confesses Lily-Rose. “And I have been lucky to work with them since I was 15 years old. I feel incredibly fortunate not only to be able to work with such a fantastic, generous and talented team, but also to be able to witness their gifts. The maison, in fact, looks like a house to me to me, because of the people who are part of it.”

Some of them saw her grow, just as Depp saw the house's collections grow - makeup included. Now, regarding the new Rouge Coco Bloom line, the 21-year-old actress and model was backstage of the whole process to see on the spot, in the laboratory, the various steps of creating the lipsticks: pigments, mother of pearl, a wax base and other fairy powders that give life to 20 highly desirable tones. “It was fantastic [the visit to Chanel laboratories in Pantin]. It was a privilege to be able to visit the labs and testify first-hand the magic that makes up the creation of the Chanel make-up we know and love.” The new bet of the emblematic make-up Rouge Coco now presents the first moisturizing and volumizing lipstick of the maison, putting the unlikely duo in the same sentence: “long-term” and “hydration” - achieved through an unprecedented patented formula that promises shine and a comfortable finish that stays put throughout the day. The secret is in gliding the color immediately on the lips for a luminous and lasting result, that, by reflecting light, gives volume, for a shine of impeccable finish. "What I particularly like about this new lipstick is the fact that it combines two qualities that you often don't find in a lipstick, which is [the fact that it is] equally moisturizing and long lasting," explains the actress. “I feel that I can use it every day and that it stays over time, and in addition my lips are still soft and hydrated”, she concludes - and we can almost see her admiring her mouth in a bright pink tone, in that unmistakable gesture of a woman who dances with her lips to create a homogeneous distribution. In fact, it is not by chance that one of her favorite shades of this collection is Alive - which, curiously in its constitution, has an atypical black mother-of-pearl, which gives it the most sober and profound nuance (we would never guess). Another favorite shade? "They are all so unique and beautiful, but if I had to choose ...", If she had to choose, it would be Opportunity. A good cue to say that when the opportunity knocks on the door, it is best to open - and play with all the scenarios that its versatility offers. And if there is one thing that pink conveys, it is the girly and feminine touch, but reducing a color with so many shades to such a stereotype is not only falling into a dated cliché, but distorting the multiple personalities of any woman who chooses the tone not as an accessory, but as a sign of empowerment and individuality. The pink, and this line of Chanel lipsticks proves it, can be either a princess pink or a rock'n'roll pink, either a girl pink or a sophisticated pink, either a delicate pink or a hot pink. And the best part of this list of options is that they can be part of the same “necéssaire” to respond to the different moods that we go through throughout the day, without having to choose a single tone - also because each woman is unique, but not a single characteristic, a single tone, a single philosophy. 

“Lipstick is something that completes a make-up look. Lips are the characteristic I like to take the most risk with, so I always loved playing with lipstick and the different ways it can completely change your look.” We agree, Lily-Rose. On top of that, there is no rose that we don't want to try, even though the range also offers shades of magenta, which they call red, that classic that is a symbol of feminism “in the parliament” and beyond. “Any attempt to make femininity trivial is an attempt to take power away from me. So I am going to wear red lipstick,” said Congresswoman from the New York City Chamber of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But what is red if not an angry rose? A sexy pink? A seductive rose? After all, pink is the root of all beauty. At least in this makeup case curated by Depp. Our only addition is to use Mademoiselle Chanel's maxim and suggest: “If you are sad, touch up your lipstick and get it done.”

Translated from the original on the "Pink Issue", from may 2021.Full credits and story on the print version.

Vogue Portugal By Vogue Portugal
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