13. 5. 2020

English version | Backstage: Vogue Union

by What goes on behind the scenes of a Vogue issue? What we can disclose ends up here.


© Alberto Pelayo for Vogue Portugal

3Details you need to know | When restrictrion apply to the real world, the digital one takes center stage to compensate temporarily the challenges of a quarentine with no models or clothes available. To turn it around, creative team Alberto Pelayo, Veronica Bergamini and Anthony Rosati joined their individual visions into one to imagine an editorial where there's no assigned roles and clothes added afterwards. Pelayo doubled as model and photographer to unite a story that puts together the art of 3D (by the hands of Anthony Rosati, Federico Frattelli, Lorenzo Abbadessa and Pelayo himself Pelayo, accessories wise) to the art of Fashion Photography; Veronica Bergamini imagined the looks, co-directed the framing and managed the 3D fitting as well as the colour. The 3D creatives took the high res images from brands to ensure the most correct computer-generated wardrobe, and Serena Congiu drew the makeup on paper to be applied afterwards digitallu, under her supervision. Separation nurtured union: because only a joint team work could make this Vitamine C editorial that you find on page 216. 

Cover Vote | Speaking of covers and betting on them: Vogue Portugals's Freedom on Hold issue, kiss with masks version, as well as GQ Portugal's march and may 2019 issues are on the run for "Is This The Best Magazine Cover You Have Ever Seen?", in the revered platform in what covers concer, Coverjunkie. Side by Side with totles from all over the globe, it is a privilege to see the two LightHouse Publications side listed next to issues highly applauded from other media iconic names. To be nominated is, indeed, a win in itself. [insert the heart emoji here] See all nominated covers: www.coverjunkie.com/poll.

Stronger Together | The theme for this issue seemed obvious o us. And its realization as necessary as special. Imagining a motto of Union after a period of quarantine that foresaw a future of difficulties came up organically, because ther'es noithing we can't overcome  if that sense of helping on another is at its peak. To apply it to the magazines issued under the wings of LightHouse Publishing was the best manifestation of it: to lead by example, uniting the two publications in one single collectible object, a one time thing, an idea that'd be a first in its genre for Condé Nast. But to join a Vogue and GQ in print is just  materializing a team spirit that is palpable in house. Here, in this office we call home, ther'es no walls divifing newsrooms nor lack of help amongs peers. tehre's no one sole job description, nor other people's responsibilities. each magazine has a core team, but working hard is everyone's job and everyone contributes to a final result we're all proud of. Like this one.

Love is blind | We were so confident about the content of this issue, we made the magazine available for pre-order - no context, no theme, no cover-reveal - a week before its launch. And the response surpassed all expectations. Hundreds of requests within the first 24h, in a blind trust that we can only perceive as love - and it's a mutual one. Nothing we do would be possible without the support of those, who, like us, share the interest and passion for good content, for standing out from the crowd, for the love of print as an ever-lasting object. This paragraph is a love letter to our readers - from print, digital and both, which is what happens most. This paragraph is a recognition of a family tree that starts with us and only ends in our most recent reader, renewing itself over and over again. This paragraph is a thank you. Sincere. Deep. Blind. 

Full credits on Vogue Portugal's Union issue, published May 2020.
Pode ler a versão portuguesa na edição em papel da Vogue Portugal "Union", publicada em maio 2020.