4. 7. 2019

Five quotes from Sadie Sink's interview for Vogue

by Vogue Portugal


For Vogue’s july issue, fully dedicated to generation Z, we sat down with Sadie Sink, Max from Stranger Things, to talk about what it means to be Connected.

© Branislav Simoncik


The Young Hollywood squad is getting younger. And more connected — in Sadie’s case, connected not to the internet in particularly, but to the world, to the solidarity, to what really matters. Growing up and showing off belongs to the past: growing up and be lager than life it’s the life moto for this young generation, and the actress from Stranger Things is the perfect example. We have five quotes to prove this. 


“You can be connected to the world and in touch with your surroundings rather than being glued to your phone all the time. I’d say I’m more connected in the sense that I like to live in the moment and appreciate what’s around me.”


“If I’m going to use social media, might as well support a cause I care about and spread awareness.”


“Most people know me for Stranger Things, but I’ve been working since I was seven. I worked with Helen Mirren in my second broadway show, and she was incredible.”


“I think there is a lot of pressure on celebrities to have a strong social media presence, but I know there are a lot of actors who choose not to own accounts on any platform.”


“Sometimes the press forgets all of the kids on the show are still regular teens in many ways. We’ve still got school and a lot of us are starting to think about college. We still deal with the struggles of growing up, but in this case we are growing up in front of the world.”

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