6. 3. 2020

Arts & Crafts


Creativity knows no boundaries - only those of your imagination. And just like any artist who thinks outside the box to create a painting, polish a sculpture, conceive a building or sow a piece of clothing, being creative on a daily basis is an art on its own.

Fernando Pessoa said that the "Man dreams and the masterpiece is born", but not all masterpieces belong to a Louvre - and that's ok. Some are only noteworthy of a pat on the back for making the mundane world into art - like that time you ate spachetti from a champagne glass or married fries with perals. That's spotlight material, too.

Creative direction by Michelle Landazuri. Photography by Jaime Pavon. Styling by Manuela Montenegro.*

*Full story and credits on Vogue Portugal's Art issue, published March 2020.