6. 3. 2020

Blue is the warmest color


Especially when the blue is - not klein nor cien nor navy, but - Helena Almeida. Especially when her body (of work) sneaks up on you.

The uncanny artist and a name to reckon with in the contemporary Art scene may have left us in september 2018, but her death didn't take with it an amazing portfolio that touched photography, painting, drawing, but above all, touched us all. Placing her body as a core element, the title My work is my body, my body is my work, that named a retrospective of her art, is now multiplied in this tribute. Because her body is our masterpiece. And her masterpiece is our body.

Photography by Ricardo Santos. Styling by Larissa Marinho.*

*Full story and credits on Vogue Portugal's Art issue, published in March 2020.