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English Version | Vogue Portugal x Decentral Art Pavilion: grab one of our covers as NFTs

26 May 2022
By Sara Andrade

"Iconic", "Freedom on Hold" and "Fairytale" are the three covers included in the exhibition organized by Decentral Art Pavilion and are also a part of an auction promoted by the art gallery.

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"Iconic", "Freedom on Hold" and "Fairytale" are the three covers included in the exhibition organized by Decentral Art Pavilion and are also a part of an auction promoted by the art gallery.


In parallel with the Venice Art Biennale, Fashion, Luxury and NFTs titles an exhibit that wants to decode NFTs and the future of Art. Since April 20, Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, in Venice, serves as the physical address for an exhibition with a strong digital focus that encompasses works of art by the likes of Coldie, Aaron Penne and XCopy and more than 200 NFTs created by more than 80 international artists already renowned amongst this community - and others who are taking their first steps in this Universe, such as LightHouse Publishing, which debuts its first NFTs, invited by Decentral

So, we're dipping our toe in the NFTs' pool and making a splash, if you ask us.To respond to the challenge of the Decentral Art Pavilion, Lighthouse chose three emblematic covers of Vogue Portugal, published under its creative direction: the cover of the "Iconic" issue, one of the three that marked the relaunch of Vogue Portugal, now in a new home, in October 2017; the "Freedom on Hold" cover, the image that reflects an era and that will forever remain for posterity as a testament to the times when a face mask was the accessory du jour; and the"Fairytale" cover, the latest issue of the magazine on newsstands and which gains a prominent place here not only for its beauty, but also because, at a time when the world is not really a fairy tale, it will always be possible to believe in magic. The three unique copies are up for auction on the platform Foundation, only until June 20th, hand in hand with the Fashion, Luxury and NFTs exhibition, which is curated and organized by Florencia S.M. Brück, Javier Krasuk, Diego Lijtmaer and Simone Furian, with the installation design by David Rodríguez Gimeno and the photography section curated by Arianna Grava.

The show wants to dive into the decentralization of art with the purpose of educating, creating a connection and seducing the aficionado, the collector, but also the general public, boosting, through the medium, the debate around NFTs and their impact in art as well as to create a greater understanding and appreciation for these technologies. Fashion, Luxury and NFTs is the first anthological presentation of artworks in NFT version, extrapolating its nature as an exhibition to bring to light the social significance of digitization for generations to come.

"We are experiencing an unprecedented artistic evolution where contemporary art expands in the blink of an eye. This expansion requires a dialogue with traditional mechanisms so that all digital or analog artistic variants can coexist in a future where the blockchain will be part of our daily lives", explains Javier Krasuk. And this cannot be done without looking at the past, however recent it may be: in a section entitled 0.14, the curatorship of Robert Alice proposes a retrospective to the beginning of this movement that shook the world of contemporary art, by showing some of the works symbolic of the beginning of the NFT lineage - the pioneers who brought them, the different sub-genres that grew out of it.

Open to the public, with free admission, until June 20, the Decentral Art Pavilion also caters eight weekends of thematic activities related to NFTS (themes such as Women and NFTs or Fashion and Music and NFTs ), and a series of live debates that invite the audience to ponder digital property, the origin and future of art, in a program that you can get to know here.

The exhibition and its activities will also be accessible virtually, in keeping with the essence of the initiative, in the Metaverse of the Decentral Art Pavilion, and if you walk around Venice, don't be surprised if you catch the NFTs scattered around the city - there is augmented reality all over the place.

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Sara Andrade By Sara Andrade


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