English Version | Fashion Trends: "Hope Issue"

03 Sep 2020
By Ana Caracol & Eduarda Pedro

All the fashion trends from our September issue translated.

A question of faith

Lace, prints, veils, crosses and religious garments, whatever religion each one chooses, there's one thing that's common to all: hope. Hope in a better world, hope in another life after death, hope in cotinuing to have hope, etc, etc... whatever the reason, fashion has always held hands with History's most struggling moments, bringing hope and dream in situations of crisis, pandemics and war. This season, we'll dress the part and believe that, when united, we make a much better world.

Once upon a time...

It is said that life is no fairytale, but Fashion shows us that it's not, only if we don't want it to be. Proving this theory, designers thought of victorian-style dresses, Queen of Hearts-like gowns, or even Juliet-meets-Sleeping-Beauty garments for the new age princess, the ones that love a misterious and enigmatic style to face the pandemic days and economic crisis with a breath of fresh elegance and good taste. Because after the storm, there's always calm.

Bubble Game

Fall/Winter 2020 fashion shows, at first sight, might be perceived as an apocalyptical setting, but they are only a window to the present feeling due to the new coronavirus. Comme des Garçons proved it when showing its white and black cocoon where there's a palpable message of protection, hideout and shelter, all syonyms of the moment that echoes all over the world. In a time when we all want to leave our capsules and return to the mellower good old days, what we look for is space - social distancing - and comfort. From Nina Ricci, Richard Quinn, Kenzo and Simone Rocha to Jil Sander, amongst others, that presented wearable voluminous outfits for the day to day, to the ones that went all out with more conceptual an eccentric looks, all was fair game to show us there's a world of hope outside our own bubble. But, if you don't want to leave it, at least take it with you.

That’s nonsense

It only feels like it makes no sense, but in the end, it all adds up. This is a trend that has no rules and filled with creativity for a morning fun that never ends. Mixing prints, styles and materials, all's allowed when putting this mood into a look. If there are any doubts, just look into fashion shows like Louis Vuitton, that mixes up biker options with princess dresses in an outfit that's sort of grunge, but with a touch of chic, or look into the suggestions from JW Anderson, that crosses looks reminiscent from the seventies with romantic, frilly pieces in delicate materials. 

Grandma's House

What if we dressed up in our house decor's prints? Wouldn't be any better way to feel the comfort of our own home and our granny's retro world. This is one of the takes on Winter fashion, where patterns from rugs, quilts and sofas became pieces of clothing that's will make anyone's jaw drop. There's no way to ignore it, just look at the proposals from Marine Serre, Etro and even balenciaga, that looks like it took its grandma's blanket and transformed it into a quilted dress that's both elegant and current. In times of crisis, and when the word of the day is sustainability, recycling never looked so cool.

Translated from Vogue Portugal's Hope issue, out September 2020. All credits in the original articles.Texto em português na edição em print

Ana Caracol & Eduarda Pedro By Ana Caracol & Eduarda Pedro



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