English Version | Trends: Into the Blue

09 Oct 2020
By Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro


Blue, What Else?Some say it is the color of tranquility, hope and harmony, some associate it to soul statuses, whether full of melancholy or serenity, while others will argue it belongs to aristocracy because those were the ones with “blue blood” running in their veins. Coincidently, Pantone, the institute that annually defines a specific color for each year, has decided that 2020 would be branded by the tone Pantone 19-4052 or, in other words, a very much needed “Classic Blue”, that embodies the goal of representing the search of mankind for stability and resilience. Coincidence or not, Fashion is following its footsteps and, for the colder season ahead, there is a vast palette of blues suitable for every taste.

Those Monday BluesThese are phrases of another language that in Portugal we use as our own: “I’ve got the blues”. Or, even fresher, “I’m having Monday blues”. Raise your hand if you’ve never felt this kind of misery that comes out of the blue (pun intended), for no reason at all besides leaving us feeling… weird. It’s a mixture of sadness and nostalgia, a feeling that cannot be explained. When those days come, there is a perfect solution, or better yet, a perfect look. A combination of pieces (that come together and transform into one) that are spot on for this mood. They’re as cool as they are elegant, which is pretty much all we need when we’re feeling blue.

New GrungeWhat’s better than grunge? The new grunge, of course! It is still unconventional, irreverent and with a pinch of alternative rock, heavy metal and hardcore punk, but it resurfaces with a fresh face, adequate for the days we’re living. The pandemic is creating room for the realization of what actually matters in our lives and vintage pieces are taking the spotlight, once again. It’s true, the motto really is recycling and/ or reusing: it’s time to dig into those trunks and throw a garage sale because the past, after all, hasn’t gone by just yet.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal October 2020 issue, Into The Blue.

Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro By Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro



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