15. 7. 2020

English version | Roteiro: escapadas

by Sara Andrade


Crazy about relaxation.

“I think we all have a little bit of this beautiful madness that keeps us on track when everything around us is so madly healthy.” Wrote argentinian author Julio Cortázar. Restoring mental health is not only about the inner circuit of the psyche, it is also about the external stimuli with which we feed the mind. And these destinations prove that a healthy mind in a healthy body is also a matter of geography.

Craveiral Farmhouse
This Nature Tourism in São Teotónio, in the Southwest Alentejo, is a madly haven - not only because of the primacy of the slow living of other times, without giving up the comfort of today, but also for the therapeutic surroundings: nine hectares of social distance marked by rough vegetation serve as a stage for 38 houses and three pools that act as a kind of therapy couch where you can leave all your problems behind; the beaches of Zambujeira do Mar and Carvalhal are only 15 minutes away, which means your daily meditation is only a quarter of an hour away; and Craveiral FarmTable, by Alexandre Silva, chef of restaurant Loco, brings to the table the health of simple, seasonal and local cuisine, directly from their own organic vegetable garden. Who asked for sanity? More information at www.craveiral.pt.

Memmo Baleeira 
This hotel reopened on June 6th with the Clean & Safe seal of Turismo de Portugal. And if the fact that we tell you that you are in Sagres does not automatically lower all levels of anxiety in your body, it is because your stress doesn’t need one of these suggestions, it needs all of them in a back to back vacation of relaxation. If you are one of those who enjoy therapy on the move more than that of sun loungers and terraces, Memmo Baleeira is your best psychologist: from surf packages to trekking, yoga, diving, boat trips, among others, staying active is also a good way to defeat insanity. Still, no one will call you crazy if you take a break from active life to enjoy the pool, a massage and the vast surrounding beaches that not only provide a privileged view of the hotel rooms - they also offer peace of mind. More information at www.memmohotels.com/baleeira

Sul Villas & Spa
They say it is already possible to get on a plane to go to the Azores, which, in itself, is a sufficient argument to do so. If we add the newly re-opened Sul Villas & Spa, in the city of Lagoa, in S. Miguel, to the package, it is a case to interrupt this text and immediately search for flights in a separate window. But don't do it just now, read at least until the end so there will be no hesitation at the time of “book now”: there are 12 villas in this hotel with Safe & Clean seal and a view of the Atlantic, in a privileged location that gives space to the space between the guests. Independent entrances, own parking, a timely online process to avoid going through the reception and even breakfast is served in this haven. You weren't expecting anything else from this destination that opened in June last year, were you? So let's move to the sanitary: by prior appointment, enjoy the spa and its massages, the Vichy shower and chromotherapy, and some villas even have a private pool or jacuzzi. As for the rest, the pictures speak for themselves: anxiety is a word that does not exist here, not even with an Azorean accent. More information at www.sulvillasazores.com

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova
Albernoa, Beja, in the Alentejo. [inserting a key in the ignition, listening to the car's engine roar - or not, because the trams are here to stay] Escaping the madness of the city, of work, of life in general for the calm plains of Alentejo is always a good idea and the Estate Malhadinha Nova only corroborates it. The traditional design of the house with ten rooms in Monte da Peceguina has always brought the Alentejo air to every corner of this 450-hectare property that, in 2020, welcomes another 20 rooms spread over five distinct units (in addition to the original complex) – which means “guaranteed social distance”. To guarantee space between guests, the Herdade is only accepting reservations for the villas in isolation, ideal for family getaways or a select group of friends. That is, although the accommodation units have several rooms, almost all of them require the reservation of the entire house and for a minimum of two nights. It's worth it: indulge yourself with a private chef in the villa, room service, baskets with ingredients for picnics (prepared by you or for you) and an exclusive buggy, mountain bike equipment, Moto 4, horses (for an additional fee) - and you don't need to share anything because it is for the exclusive use of each villa. Yes, yes, it also has two swimming pools (one heated), spa (by appointment), wine bar and a vast expanse of Alentejo plain to breathe deeply without a mask. No, no, you don't have to leave. More information at www.malhadinhanova.pt.

Sublime Comporta
If you've never coveted (more) a long weekend at Sublime Comporta, your Instagram algorithm is broken. Almost as much as the psychological malfunctions that the present times seem to want to inflict and for which the Sublime seems to have a cure. Whether by the address itself, integrated in nature and with rooms spread over several buildings, as well as villas like “Cabanas da Comporta” with two to five rooms (all with private pool, fireplace and terraces), or by the latest bio-pool suites - built on stilts and inspired by the artisanal fishing port of Carrasqueira, they stand on an impressive biological pool - only a madman would not consider spending a few days here... In addition to this pool that underlines the sustainable attitude of the hotel (chemicals are not used for water treatment, but rather aquatic plants), the space also includes the Food Circle restaurant, located in the center of an organic garden. Based on sustainable production and inspired by the principles of permaculture, it involves a sharing place limited to 12 people, in which the element of fire plays a major role in cooking using ancestral cooking methods. The gastronomic experience prepared by chef Hélio Gonçalves and his team is enhanced by the aroma of the garden and fed by the ingredients that the garden offers. With a menu based on regional cuisine and complemented with select national wines, we have no doubt that madness is defeated by the stomach. More information at www.sublimecomporta.pt 

*Originally published on Vogue Portugal's The Madness Issue.