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English Version | Test Drive: Nonsense Issue

15 Jul 2021
By Ana Saldanha

To stop you from running to the nearest scissors, we brought you six antidotes to fight frizzy, dry, and brittle hair, the classics from the bathing season.

To stop you from running to the nearest scissors, we brought you six antidotes to fight frizzy, dry, and brittle hair, the classics from the bathing season.  

Promises: Ten benefits in one step. This spray hydrates and protects the hair from the heat and UV rays, repairs, revives and reduces the frizz, and helps to comb and style. The result is softer, silky, and healthy hair with this all-in-one product. Vogue’s word: Holidays means fitting all your beauty essentials in a little pouch and a hair product that promises to compile 10 different benefits seems like the obvious choice for someone who likes to be practical without compromising hair care. This user experience is very straightforward: after washing your hair, just apply the spray, comb, and style as you usually do. The product isn’t heavy (if you have thin hair, go for it, it’s safe) and ingredients like keratin, pro-vitamin B5 and soy extract will keep your hair smooth and shiny almost effortlessly. The thing I liked the most was that it is also a heat protector, helping me out while I use my hot styling tools and protecting the hair from the sun. 

Leave-in Go 10-in-1 Mask, € 19,90, Jean Louis David,

Promises: to nourish and protect the hair against sun damage, salty water, and chlorine from pools. This leave-in hydrating cream is enriched with vitamin E and helps to prevent dry ends and control frizz up to 24 hours promoting more silky and soft hair. Vogue’s word: the Soleil range by Kérastase is a true summer classic and one of the scents of Holidays. This product can be applied in dry hair - before heading out to the beach or pool - or wet, during a beach day. It is a soft and melty cream that is super easy to apply in the lengths and ends and leaves your hair feeling super soft and looking healthy (which can be a challenge after a few swims). 

Hydrating leave-in cream Crème UV Sublime, € 15,95, Kérastase,

Promises: to fight against dry hair, leaving it soft by promoting just the right amount of moisture. It is suited for people with dry and devitalized hair and it also helps to regulate oil production in the scalp. Rich in vitamin A, B, and C, the passion fruit also adds some mineral salts like calcium and iron, and the blueberry has antioxidants to help fight the aging of the hair strands and also makes the hair feel light and soft. Vogue’s word: besides smelling like tropical vacations or poolside cocktails, the Superfoods line by Novex is filled with nutrients that help you get healthier hair. The shampoo cleanses the hair without drying it too much and leaving it ready to receive moisture with the conditioner or a deeper treatment with the mask. Suitable for all hair types but targeting drier and frizzier hair, I did not spend a day using it where I didn't feel my hair silky-smooth and feeling light and fluffy. The mask is rich and only needs three minutes to give your hair a hydration boost. It comes in a 400 g tub and 1kg tub which may not seem the most practical but that way you’ll make sure you never starve your hair again. 

SuperHairFood Maracujá & Mirtilo Mask 400 g, € 6,98, Novex,

Promises: to help purify the scalp. This scrub removes all the impurities from the scalp and the hair follicle to create a base for healthy hair growth. Vogue’s word: a healthy scalp is key for strong, healthy, and beautiful hair. This product takes skincare principles and applies them to hair care, using ingredients like celery seed extract to hydrate and help regulate oil production, micellar water to cleanse away impurities, and rose water to soothe. It is ideal for people who use lots of styling products and dry shampoo and is used just like any scrub. After exfoliating your scalp, just be sure to rinse thoroughly to make sure you are removing all the tiny beads. Bonus tip: it is also suitable to use as a body scrub. Long live multipurpose products. 

Scalp Scrub Scalp Spa, € 33, Kevin Murphy,

Promises: to be an SOS treatment against damaged hair. It repairs and restores the hair fiber with Australian lemon myrtle, making it look shinier and softer. Vogue's word: This tiny mask (we aren’t exaggerating, it is a 25ml product) it’s great to throw on a bag and just go since it fits anywhere and performs great, being in between a conditioner and a mask. This version (there is another one to help with frizz) hydrates without being too heavy and, for me, it has some nice pros like the easy access, since you can find it in most supermarkets, and the fact that you can get three uses out of this tiny tube, without compromising its efficiency. It is great for when your hair needs extra love but you don’t have the time to do a deep treatment. 

SOS Repair Treatment Shot, € 3,99, Aussie,

Promises: immediate results and softer, replenished, and more flexible hair with an amazing shine when dry. The jojoba milk strengthens the hair follicle and the mauve extract acts as a humectant to keep the moisture in the hair strands. Vogue’s word: it is a soft shampoo, which is exactly what you should look for when you want to wash the hair while replenishing moisture and avoid further damage. The sweet aroma sticks to the hair and is very pleasant - I can only imagine that the scent would be even better when using the entire  Phytojoba line. It doesn’t foam that much, which can be a sign that it doesn’t have super strong surfactants, but despite that, it does a great job washing while being delicate and when you rinse it off (and even before conditioner) the hair feels super smooth. 

Hydrating shampoo Phytojoba, € 11,90, Phyto.

Translated from the original article from Vogue Portugal's Nonsense Issue, published July 2020.Full credits and story on the print issue.

Ana Saldanha By Ana Saldanha



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