10. 2. 2022

English Version | Celebrate Yourself: Test Drive

by Vogue Portugal


There are plenty of things one might regret after a night out, but makeup should never be one of them. Makeup and of course the skincare routine we complete religiously the second we enter the house, right?  

Mariana Silva, Journalist

Promises: To spruce up any eye, face, or body look. It works best and lasts longer when accompanied with a primer. Vogue’s word: I didn’t embark on this journey with great expectations, but I ended up delighted. I started by testing the glitter on my bare face, without anything to help it adhere to my face, and the results surprised me: most glitter particles immediately stuck to my face with minimal fallout. I then applied them over a primer. I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks on me, but all the glitter on my brush seemed to stick to my face without any danger of moving around, even just seconds after putting it on. This also meant that taking them off was a hassle, but nothing that a good makeup remover and some patience can’t accomplish. 

Glitter Brilliants for face and body, shade Bronze, € 7,70, Nyx. 

Ana Murcho, Features Editor

Promises: A luminosity and energy boost for the skin. Vogue’s word: we’re supposed to apply this product either before or after makeup, and use it as a sort of luminous primer that stimulates cellular renovation. As it turns out, due to my circumstances, the last few days have been spent within four walls, making the use of makeup irrelevant, this gel ended up becoming the final step of my (now reduced) beauty routine. And it hasn’t disappointed me. I’m slightly averse to putting this kind of texture on my skin during the day but got pleasantly surprised by how quickly it absorbed into my skin. Besides, the whole point of this Élixir de Jeunesse is its anti-fatigue properties, a premise that is completely realized: the light reflecting particles that shine on my face are its proof. I dare to say that, for the time being, I might not even reach for my fond de teint or concealer.     

Iluminating Gel Élixir de Jeunesse, € 89, Eisenberg, in Perfumesecompanhia.pt.

Mariana Silva, Journalist

Promises: Cover the lips in a vibrant, long-lasting, and matte red. Vogue’s word: The deep and rich color is this lipstick’s best feature. Its velvety feel comes right after. Because I’m used to matte finishes, it felt nice to wear a product that keeps my lips hydrated, instead of one that clings to my lips to the point that, by the end of the night, I’m desperate for a lip balm. After not wearing lipstick for so long (blame the face masks) I will prioritize this kind of formula that ends up being a lot more gentle. That means that even though it's the perfect shade for Valentine’s Day it’s not exactly kissproof. Is that a problem though? No one stops us from leaving our mark wherever we go

Lipstick Le Rouge Deep Velvet, shade 37, Limited Edition Lunar New Year 2022, € 37,05, Givenchy.

Mariana Silva, Journalist 

Promises: Provide nutrition and hydration to the skin, leaving it feeling pleasantly smooth. Vogue’s word: As soon as I removed the product from my face the smooth feeling was clear. Since it was made with dry and sensitive skin in mind it's understandable how, with just one use, I can tell how gentle this facial cleanser is, that’s not to say that it doesn't clean your skin thoroughly. It would be a great option for the ones who need a quick post-party cleanser since its texture makes it a pleasant product with simple and quick use. It doesn’t matter what time of the night it is, there’s no escaping skincare, especially with more temperamental kin. 

Facial cleanser Hydracream Fusion, € 23,58, Mesoestetic.

Joana Rodrigues, Journalist

Promises: Visibly reduce dark spots, age signs, and acne scars. Vogue’s word: When we think of serums we imagine a liquid texture that glides freely through our face. With this product that was my first surprise, because the drops that reached my complexion were thick, almost like a mattifying primer, but its application isn’t any different from any other serum. In the end, the skin almost changes textures, smoother and shinier. Even if I haven’t used it long enough to see a radical difference, the truth is the little spots that used to be pimples started to slowly fade away - let’s hope the results are even better after long-term use.  

Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter, € 78,95, Clinique, in Perfumesecompanhia.pt. 

Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's Celebrate Yourself issue, published February 2022.
Full story and credits on the print issue.