9. 10. 2020

English Version | Test Drive: Into the Blue

by Ana Saldanha


In psychology the color blue is related to honesty and feelings of trust and tranquility. In the skincare world, the color is connected to freshness and hydration. This month we decided to dive in the blue of the shelfs, from oldest to newest. 

Promises: The right amount of salicylic acid to eliminate dead skin cells and clean clogged pores. This acid is the prodigy of the acid family, having the smallest molecule, which allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin to reveal a clean and glowy surface without drying it. Vogue’s word: The bar was pretty high, since it would be impossible to use this product without thinking of the Glow Tonic, one of the brand’s bestsellers. While the Glow Tonic has glycolic acid, the Clarity is composed of salicylic acid and combines it with antioxidants and probiotics, making it more suitable for sensitive skin – and the second ingredient is aloe vera, which is a calming agent. The brand recommends using it AM or PM, after cleansing, before hydrating and always (ALWAYS!) paired with SPF when used during the day. Even though I really wanted to love the Clarity as much as I liked it’s older sibling, it wasn’t love at first use – maybe because I was expecting a little bit more power. However, it deserves bonus points for being formulated without fragrance or coloring agents and for being gentle enough to be used as the first chemical exfoliator in a beauty routine. Clarity Tonic 150ml, € 8,95, Pixi.

Promises: A chemical peel for daily use that targets adult acne. The high concentration of three acids (AHA, BHA and LHA) targets spots and imperfections and provides a soft exfoliation and the niacinamide soothes the skin and regulates sebum production. Vogue’s word: Having a case of stubborn skin that doesn’t always like too many active ingredients, I was a little bit scared with the idea of using a cocktail of multiple acids plus niacinamide. This serum is a new release and seems very appropriate when a lot of people are struggling with maskne (the breakouts caused by using masks during long periods of time). The texture is watery, it absorbs very easily and in the first uses my skin didn’t feel sensitive or dry (like I was expecting when seeing such high concentration of active ingredients) but after using it for one week I saw some purging which came in the form of breakouts caused accelerating the skin cell renewal – which can be annoying but is also a sign of results. Effaclar Ultra Concentrated Serum € 35, La Roche-Posay.

Promises: To be a companion in arms. The rich and buttery formula can be used all over the body, but is especially indicated for areas that might need some extra hydration like feet, elbows, knees and (especially now) hands. Vogue’s word: That could almost be the universal word since this iconic little tin has been  a part of our collective imagery since always. Equally iconic is the scent which we could even name Nivea’s smell – when a brand becomes memorable throughout  generations and to have a shade of blue and a scent that becomes its own, we need to give it credit. About the efficiency in hydrating, no complaints. The only downside is trying to close the little tin with greasy-soft hands. Universal cream 150ml, € 3,38, Nivea.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal October 2020 issue, Into The Blue.

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