5. 6. 2021

English Version | A song of the (Mediterranean) sea


To smell an aroma, listen to music, wear a pattern and remember a trip… sound familiar? It was with these sensory experiences in mind that this summer wardrobe was born, as fluid as the ocean, as symbolic as a melody.

The inspiration would be simple: her passion for the itinerant lifestyle and travel, namely coastal destinations, so well instigated by the Mediterranean in thought. The formula would be simple: dresses, and dresses only. In patterns, patterns only. Boho and summery, as the seaside demands. The implementation would also be simple: sustainable materials, of course, a natural path to follow. “It wasn't even an issue”, the designer tells Vogue Portugal, just like the intervening duo has been advocating this whole time. But nothing in this result that joined Mango to Sofia de Betak in a collction, or better year, her nickname and brand, Chufy, would be simple. And if it's true that we can speak of an apparent simplicity - after all, they are dresses and dresses only, midi, long, short, but they are dresses, and dresses only -, it is mandatory diving into its composition to realize the latent complexity, which is only discovered after seeing and using them over and over again, as if one hears a song over and over again and realizes there's hidden and syncopated beats in the rhythm that enliven the memories. In this fluidity of silhouettes and prints for all tastes, simplicity is exhausted in theory, because the practice is much more complex: starting with having to choose only one of these six examples that make up Chufy x Mango, the range that puts Mango Girl Betak, who is also a fashion director, consultant and Argentine designer, in a creative partnership with the Spanish brand.

Complicity is not a new thing for the duo, but it is now increased with a line signed by the influencer, available since mid-May: “It was always mentioned in conversation, but we wanted to do it when the time was right, and that was it”, explains Sofia de Betak about the delay of a joint venture that seemed destined to happen a long time ago. “When the world started moving again and people wanted to travel again, but without moving too far. Enjoying the simple pleasures and being with those you love the most, this was the perfect moment.” And the perfect motto was the warm weather, which manifested itself in the balanced chord between the Betak brand, Chufy (a nickname that comes from Argentina), and Mango, and which dictated the capsule composed only of dresses in boho prints, the stars on the collection, translated into floral, paisley and geometric options in a relaxed style with details such as frills, cords and a mixture of textures. The six examples in sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, emerging from a joint creative process between the brand design team and the ambassador of Mango. The alliance is notorious. "Yes [it has to do with the symbiosis between Chufy and Mango]", confirms Sofia. “The prints are energetic, cheerful and powerful, we wanted the spirit of the Mediterranean lifestyle to come to life through colors and patterns. As Mango is a Spanish brand, it seemed natural to use the Mediterranean as a creative fuse, since I spend a lot of time here”. And it is from that time that the influence of travel on a collection that is itself a trip to Chufy's albums (photographic, but perhaps also musical) was born: “It was a memory of my favorite images from the Mediterranean summers of the 60s and 70s, along with some of mine; I gathered many moodboards from different times and destinations, from the Amalfi coast to the Balearic Islands. In the end, it was a mixture of both ”, she reveals about the inspiration for this capsule.

And what kind of trip do you take without a soundtrack? Not a memorable one. And this one has a playlist curated by the designer: Parole Parole, by Dalida with Alain Delon, (incidentally, guarantees the Mango girl, many themes by the French Dalida played incessantly as a background while imagining this collection) or any that fits the genre summer nostalgia goes well with seaside, sunset and one of these patterns to choose from. Preferably, select a theme with some rhythm, because de Betak assures that “these dresses were made for dancing. And eat, and laugh. ” It's not a coincidence that, when asked about the album of her life, she confirms that she loves “Latin music, cumba, salsa, merengue… I am Latin, after all. Grupo Ráfaga is my favorite band if I go out at night to dance. ” If you go home, you may stay with vinyl, the format you prefer to the detriment of mp3, streaming or CD, although in the comfort of your home most songs may come from YouTube or a Spotify full of children's songs - “ Before becoming a mother, I would say that [the artist who played the most was] Luis Miguel ”, confesses, after acceding that his Spotify has the themes for children on repeat. In other times, it could even be the chords of a guitar or a piano, which can play, fill the environment, “but I haven't played in many years.” He also confesses that he hasn't seen live performers in a few years: “I used to go to so many concerts… these last years, of course, I had to take a break, but I had tickets to go to see Enrique Iglesias with Ricky Martin last year! I was so disappointed to see that the tour of two musical passions had been canceled. ”, she grieves, adding that she has “some band t-shirts ... Rolling Stones are giants in Argentina, as well as local rock bands. I also have a crush on the Clash and reggae ”, she reveals about her musical background.

Now, musical entertainment is more homely, with her husband, Alexandre de Betak (founder of Bureau Betak agency and creative mind behind the most spectacular and unforgettable shows of the best houses in the industry) and daughter Sakura, four years old. In her home sweet home, creativity is a familiar concept, sharpened by the spouse's metier and, who knows, by Mango's new Home collection: “I love the decor of the house! It would be amazing [to do a collaboration with Mango], I love that the choices of home are visible in your daily life, everything has to make sense together and keep it going for years. But at home, most decorating decisions are made by my husband, who is a brilliant designer, I just put the final filters on ”, she confesses. So, for now, it is possible that Sofia de Betak with Mango, only in the wardrobe. But it also seems like a good solution. It's simple. Simple as Sofia de Betak singles out the Dedalera model, “because it is fluid and comfortable, yet elegant and refined. You can use it both for going to the beach and for a wedding ”. Choose only one style? Doesn't seem simple to us. In fact, it seems extremely complex to pick, between the list of hypotheses, just one that satisfies our thirst for travel, even if this year we don't even want to - or eventually won't be able - to go very far. It seems extremely complex to do the mental exercise between that short option for a day by the sea or the long version for the pool party at the end of the day. Thought, it seems simple accepting that the Chufy x Mango summer is made of patterns and patterns only, of dresses and dresses only, of sustainability and sustainability in fabrics only; but ask us to choose only one of the basic six for hot weather? Better to ask what is our favorite song of all time - one and one only. What do you mean, just the one? Life - and our everyday ever changing humor - is very complex for such a limited soundtrack, as much as it is for such a diminutive wardrobe. It will not be possible to choose just the one and only one. Can we just add the six to Spotify and create a playlist with all the prints to play them in a loop? It's simpler.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal's The Music Issue, from june 2021.
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