31. 3. 2021

English version | Never have I ever...


Who here has never imagined fleeing the borders of our four walls, real or imaginary, for an outdoor life? And when one says free, one says free, one says pure, but also free from prejudice, free from limitations, free from prohibitions.

An experience as one with nature, an experience that is made of sand and sea, of rocks and flowers, where there are no constraints, there are no boundaries, there are no doubts or half truths, there are no barriers - except, of course, those we carry with us, in our body, in our mind, in our core. But these... can all blow with the wind, surf the waves, enjoy the silence. Creative Direction by James Cameron. Photography by Johanna Nyholm. Styling by Lorna McGee.

*Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's The Forbidden Issue, published april 2021.
Full article and credits on the print issue.