21. 1. 2021

English Version | Words from the same family


Mirror. Reflection. Me. These are words from the same family. From my family. From your family. Our family. A family that imprints us with values, a family from which we get habits and mannerisms, from which we inherit behaviors and thoughts.The family that insists on saying: "she has her mother's eyes, her father's nose, the hair just like her aunt's, the grimaces of her grandfather". Family - biological or the one you choose over the years -, the one we look at to discover ourselves, to know where we come from, how we grew up, who we are. The one that, with affection, leaves their mark on our DNA. If one day they broke all mirrors, if one day we stopped finding a surface on which to see our reflection, we would still be able to see each other… there, on that connection that will never be dismantled. Because family is our original mirror. Photography by Lou Escobar. Styling by Sergio Álvarez.

*Originally translated from Vogue Portugal's The Mirror Issue, publishd january 2021.
Full credits and story on the print issue.