4. 3. 2021

English Version | Jewels & Watches: Creativity Issue

by Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro


The strongest link

Are chains back in fashion? But were they ever out? Because they are always here, more or less obvious, more or less exuberant, underlining their infinite adaptive power. This season is no exception, and they appear as an accessory that personifies the time we spend at home. Whatever happens, we will always love them.


Black will have to excuse us, but now what we all need is a little color. Not a little, a lot of color. It can come in the form of rings, earrings or pendants. It will help to endure the last rainy days and it will give even more joy to our first spring looks. Positive vibes, anyone?

Zoom them

“And we are big, giants ten meters high” sing the earrings of this season, borrowing the lyrics from Da Weasel. In addition to the zoom in size, creativity has also been increased, so this is the ideal accessory for those who like, and are not afraid, to come out of the box. As long as ears can handle it.

Pearl fever

Pearls have long ceased to be the typical sensuous necklace we associate with our grandmothers. Now, we want to use them. Lots of them, preferably. This season they come even more irreverent, thanks to the approaches of different brands and creators, who did not hesitate to mix colors, metals, and the like. It is the only fever that we will not want to miss.

*Originally published in The Creativity Issue of Vogue Portugal, from march 2021.
Full credits on the print version.