21. 1. 2021

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14 Trends. “More is more and less is a bore”. This season all the sparkles are not enough.

20 Shopping. This winter you can buy whatever you want, wherever you want, as long as it is reflective.

24 Mirrors, there are many… Fashion is full of mirrors. This is proof.

30 The second act of Paco Rabanne. Julien Dossena, the man who gave a second life to the french maison, in direct speech.

36 Split distortion. One is good, two is better: that is the concept behind this collection of semi-distorted accessories.

46 Trust your gut. Why can’t we leave the house without checking ourselves in the mirror?

50 Silverscope. The jewellery and watches of the season with a magic twist.

52 The original sin. The most recent high-end jewellery collection of Cartier from the other side of the mirror.

54 A story to tell. Once upon a time… a love story between Levi’s and BÉHEN.


58 Itinerary. What to see, what to read, what to do.

64 Art is the mirror of life. For centuries, artists all over the world have gravitated towards a common inspiration: the mirror.

70 Of all, none. An x-ray of the thousand and one personas of Fernando Pessoa.

74 The shape of light. A journey to the enchanted world of Ziqian Liu.

90 Fairy tales have too many witches. It's sad but its true, fairy tales have too many witches. By Nuno Miguel Dias.

94 Scratched mirrors. We could also have called this text “damn cocaine”. By Diego Armés.

96 The reflective age. These pieces are do to reflect the best there is in ourselves.

98 Stomach, a mirror in our gut. Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the only place without mirrors. Why is that? By Nuno Miguel Dias.


110 The eyes, chico… For centuries, the eyes have been the mirror of the soul. By Ana Saldanha.

114 Weep, love… What if the whole world could fit inside a single teardrop? Photography by Domen and Van de Velde. Hair and makeup by Magdalena Loza

122 I feel like glitter. Take it all, just don’t take away the glitter. By Ana Saldanha.

124 The mirror tyranny. In an alternative reality, there were no mirrors. What if…

128 Glass is the new glow. It's the most recent trend imported from South Korea and its called glass skin. By Ana Saldanha.

132 Test-drive. Repeat after us: take the makeup off, take the makeup off, take the makeup off. By Ana Saldanha.

132 Mirror Selfie. Question for a million euros: “Is there anyone prettier than me?” Photography by Marcello J. Dino. Styling by Giuseppe Sileo. Hair by Alessandro Squarza. Makeup by Mary Cesardi.

148 Anatomy of a surgeon. Interview with a surgeon who believes in harmony. By Ana Saldanha.

152 A plant based future. For some time, the plant based diet has stopped being a myth.

154 Magnifying glass. Body dysmorphia demystified. By Ana Saldanha.


160 The house of mirrors. In this editorial, nothing is what it seams. Photography by Alexandre Desmidt. Styling by Guillaume Boulez.

174 You can run but you can’t hide. What happens when we are confronted with our reflection. By Pureza Fleming.

178 Reflection. Some faces don’t age and that only project an infinite future. Photography by Alyona Kuzmina. Styling by Stafania Chekalina.

190 Cats staring at their reflection. Few things provoke as much horror and fascination like mirrors. By Diego Armés.

194 What light through yonder mirror breaks? The imagination is the limit. And the limit is made of all the colours of the rainbow. Creative direction and photography by Guilherme Nabhan. Styling by David Pollak.

210 I kissed myself and I liked it. The myth of Narcissus revisited.

214 Silver lining. A dream scenario and 50 shades of grey. Photography by Luis Monteiro. Styling by Celia Arias.

222 Copycat. Copies there are many, but this reflection is, without a doubt, the best in us. Photography by Julien Vallon. Styling by Belen Casadevall.

238 The mirror of the soul. There is a moment in life where we find ourselves: its called apparition.

242 Imaginary friend. “My imaginary friend is better than yours.” Creative direction and photography by Debora Brune. Styling by Serena Pompei.

260 Public-Private Partitions. There has never been a time when expressions like “where there is smoke, there is fire” and “not everything is what it seems”, made so much sense. By Nuno Miguel Dias.

266 The mirror of love. Interview with the flamengo genius Joaquín Cortés and his wife, Mónica Moreno. Photography by Pablo Zamora. Styling by Alba Melendo.

282 Mirror mirror on (thy) wall… Survival guide for an afternoon spent in front of the mirror. Creative direction and photography by Arnaud Ele. Art direction by Laura Knoops. Styling by Sina Braetz.

298 Us, mirrors. For the good and the bad, we are reflections of each other. By Diego Armés.

302 Words from the same family. “My body is your body”, said the mirror. Photography by Lou Escobar. Styling by Sergio Álvarez.


On the left: Photography by Alexandre Desmidt. Styling by Guillaume Boulez. Model: Yumi Lambert. In the centre: Creative direction and photography by Debora Brune. Styling by Serena Pompei. Models: Maria Spanidou and Alexandra Spanidou. On the right: Photography by Lou Escobar. Styling by Sergio Álvarez. Models. Eneida Arango Pèrez and Jose Luis Hernández Hermoso.


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