4. 3. 2021

English Version | Table of contents: The Creativity Issue

by Vogue Portugal


10 Editor’s letter

14 Imprint

16 Backstage

43 E-shop

352 To be continued 


22 Trends. These are the pages to study to never repeat the expression "So much clothes and nothing to wear." Jewels and accessories included.

40 Thinking outside the (sewing) box. Discreet, but decisive. These inventions changed the history of fashion. By Pureza Fleming.

46 Made in…vitro From now on, our dresses can be made of either cotton or banana peels.

50 “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”. Or, in other words, “I use my accessories as I please.” Photography by Karl Lam. Styling by Sean Kunjambu.

60 Shock therapy. The million-dollar question: do we still need to shock to be creative? By Pureza Fleming. 

64 The sky is the limit. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the new fashion creators made in Portugal. Photo by Francisco Narciso. Styling by Maria Nobre and Raquel Guerreiro. 

72 A match made in (fashion) heaven. The most awaited collaboration of the year: Simone Rocha x H&M

76 Creation out of rags. Warning: it is possible to do these clothes at home.


82 Itinerary. What to see, what to read, what to do.

92 What would (a great artist) do? Have you ever wondered about work rituals of geniuses like Picasso, Dalí or Capote? So do we. The answer is here. 

96 We are all going to die. Everyone, except Hugo van der Ding.  Interview with the last man of the renaissance, Hugo van der Ding.

102 Fallen angels. The parallel universe of Lip Zhipeng, aka No.223.

128 Someone glued a banana to a wall… and someone else asked: "is this art?" By Diego Armés.

132 Creativity heritage. Inês Cottinelli, one of the daughters of Daciano da Costa, explains his father's legacy. 

136 Spring makeover. Spring rhymes with best period to renovate.

142 Trending: the future. What will the day after tomorrow look like? Marian Salzman,

trends forecaster, responds.

148 Who do I eat first? Yes, this is what are you thinking: the chicken or the egg? By Nuno Miguel Dias.

152 Make do it yourself a lifestyle. Warning: it is possible to do these pieces at home.


158 Beauty without season. The beauty trends that we will want to try. By Ana Saldanha.

164 Boulevard of broken dreams. The saying goes, not everything that looks like it is. Photography by Max's vom Hofe. Kamilla Richter styling. Hauke ​​Krause's hair. Makeup by Loni Baur.

178 War Paint. The history of beauty is also the history of creativity. And individuality. By Carolina Queirós.

182 Future Perfect. Or why hair can also be revolutionary. Production and illustration by Nuno da Costa. Neil Moodie's hair.

192 Skin-colored dreams. To have a princess skin, there is only one solution: sleep.

By Ana Saldanha.

198 Test-drive. All of this is new, all of this is incredible, all of this is beautiful. By Ana Saldanha.

200 In the name of rose. The new launch by Hermès is pink. By Ana Saldanha.  

202 Beauty to wear at home. Warning: it is possible to make these products at home.

206 My nightmare is worse than yours. Why is that we cannot dream only of good things? That's what we tried to understand. 


212 Cogito, ergo sum.  If I think, therefore I am, then nothing is impossible. Photography

by Branislav Simoncik. Nina Ford styling.

232 I create, therefore I resist. Where some see problems, others see solutions. By Pureza Fleming. 

236 Fashion dreams, haute couture is born.  On here we prove, once again, that Haute Couture is, pure and simply, Art. Photography by Walter Pierre. Styling by Julia Müller.

254 Times are hard for dreamers. Do we still think that dreams command life?

258 Dreamland. Or, if we prefer, never-never land, that place where anything is possible. Photograph by Alina Gross. Styling by Gisela Benzenberg.

270 Requiem for a dream. We examined the meaning of dreams. By Pureza Fleming.

274 In the dreams land. Once upon a time there was a goddess called Ibormeith ... Art direction and photography by Alessandro Esposito. Styling by Pablo Patanè.

286 Renewable energies. What is the difference between imagination and creativity?

290 In the limbo of reality. In search of any place, between the tangible and the ethereal. Art direction and photography by Lotte Thor. Jul Yeromenko's styling.

302 Molly’s world. Interview with Molly Goddard, the coolest creator in the UK. And surroundings.

308 Slow-sleep. Not always what seems absurd, is. Example? That moment of deep sleep, nicknamed REM. Photography by Frederico Martins. 

324 Child’s play. In the hands of a child, anything is possible. 

328 La vie en rose. Syvan Meller, Franco-Israeli singer, stars in this editorial which might as well have been called “Syvan in Wonderland.” Art direction and photography by Omar Macchiavelli. Styling by Veronica Bergamini. Gabriele Trezzi's hair. Makeup by Serena Congiu.

338 Deep blue something. These dreams are not just any blue. Photography by Anne Piqué. Styling by Noémie Beltran.