2. 4. 2020

English Version | Trendspotting: Cutting loose


Baleines, ties, corsets, everything that was mandatory on the Victorian age, circa 19th century, later on a must-have in the thirties with their pin-ups, and then Christian Dior's New Look, makes a comeback for spring 2020 completely renewed. Lingerie no longer manipulates and ties to form a perfect silhouette,, but rather is part of the structure of the clothes, turning into the star of several looks. Cheap exhibitionism? Far from it: it makes more sense than ever to cut loose - metaphorically or literally speaking - in a day and age where discussion on freedom of genre, psychological freedom, sociological freedom, etc, is a daily topic. Runways  took the message to heart and put all designers'creativity and freedom hand in hand, and always putting their imagination in us: women, men, whatever gender. What matters is what makes us feel complete and free.

This article was originally published in Vogue Portugal's Freedom issue, from April 2020. 
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