2. 4. 2020

English Version | Trendspotting: put a veil on it


My body is my temple and the clothes are the layers that form the walls. What if we imagine those layers as an endless game of matrioskas, undressing each layer to discover what's below? No need: we've built these temple walls in glass and they're the ones doing the undressing themselves - stained glass, blur, vivid, crystal clear, use and abuse transparencies like a second skin that protects you, but also that reveals you. Love it or hate it, to show your soul with a thin layer of silk or tulle is to have the freedom to show yourself without showing off, to show yourself without prejudice, but reserving your right to have secrets. See-trough is having your freedom of expression in your wardobe.

This article was originally published in Vogue Portugal's Freedom issue, from April 2020. 
Para ler este artigo em português, veja a edição de Liberdade da Vogue Portugal