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07 May 2021
By Ana Murcho

She doesn’t wear any color other than pink since the early 80’s. Or rather, since the early 80’s that she owns nothing - underline nothing - that is not pink. Kitten Kay Sera lives in Hollywood, and is officially the pinkest person in the world.

She doesn’t wear any color other than pink since the early 80’s. Or rather, since the early 80’s that she owns nothing - underline nothing - that is not pink. Kitten Kay Sera lives in Hollywood, and is officially the pinkest person in the world.

Everything around her is pink. The television, the microwave, the food, the treadmill where she exercises, the car, the dog, Pinkaboo, the Christmas tree... the Christmas tree? “I don't allow any other colors in my life or at my pink palace, so the Christmas tree is even pink! I don't make exceptions. I also wear pink on every occasion... that includes funerals.” Kitten Kay Sera was born in Texas but moved to California, a state that allowed her to be "more like herself." Nowadays she is known worldwide for her total devotion to pink, and also for being a true “all around entertainer” - music, cinema, television, Kitten has done a little bit of everything. Her new single, Pink Universe, is an invitation to explore this pink dream universe. A “monochromatic” universe, as Kitten reinforces, because when something doesn't exist in this color ... well, it just ends up existing. “Lately, I have had my production assistant paint it for me. [laughs] After years of painting, it's a relief to pass the pink brush or pink spray paint can over to someone else. If it is not pink will make it pink somehow. Kitten Kay Sera dixit.

Pink is obviously your favorite color. When did the affair begin? It was my birthday, 1980, I had on all pink and pink from head to toe and it just felt right. I knew from that day forward I would devote my life to the color pink ..and I have. I never ever wear any other color! So doing the math, it has been 41 years now. Wow!  Pink is also the most spiritual color in the spectrum. It has the highest frequency vibration. When I changed my color to all pink... I had no idea why it was happening. Thinking back, I truly had a spiritual awakening and it was then I found my true self. Kitten Kay Sera was born. Pink chose me and I am tickled pink that it did! 

From then on, how was the transition to only wear pink? Was it hard to start dressing only pink head to toe? Oh no! When you have a passion, it is easy. I was so excited to find and create looks all in pink! It was like an obsession! I guess you could call me a pink passionista! Funny thing though, I still, to this day, get excited to find pink things. I think everyone has some kind of obsession... I just wear mine. 

Can you precise a time, or an age, when you understood that “living in pink” was not a phase, but a true lifestyle? Truthfully, at the very beginning! It was known to me immediately... I went home and gave all my other colored clothes to my 4 older sisters. If you watch my new music video, Pink Universe, (on YouTube). It is a biography of sorts. I say that my family thought that I was going through a "pink phase" but it's been going on now for 14,600 days. I wrote the song with my best friend of 30 years, Kelly Kid, who also directed the video. It was a fun way to explain my all pink life. People are so fascinated. My art and my pink life go hand in hand. 

How do you find your clothes? Where do you buy them? Do you ever follow trends? I never follow trends... I have been told that I set them. I play by my own rules. It would devastate me to wear something that say, Kim Kardashian has already worn. I always say: "I don't want to make a fashion statement, I want to make an exclamation mark!" Fashion is such an important way to express yourself , why would you want to copy someone else? Back in the 1980s and 1990's it was VERY hard to find all pink clothes & shoes because there was no online shopping, I had to physically go in to each clothing boutique and look... I also became an expert at dying white clothes, pink. Thank goodness I can now just click on the little magnifying glass on a website and search "PINK" [laughs]

What is your favorite piece of clothing, in case you have one? Oh my gosh.. it changes week to week. I go thru many different eras in pink fashion and I get very attached to my clothes. One week I am into hollywood glam, then 1960's mod, 1980s is also a favorite. It goes on & on. Lately, I have been going through a space age pink punk phase and I think my photo shoot for Vogue represents that. It all started when I did the costume selection for my new music video, Pink Universe. I worship the pink vinyl space suit that was designed for me by Charismatico. Every day is a fashion show and life is my runway. I do every look in the book... All in all pink!

What’s your biggest fashion splurge ever? Probably my Louis Vuitton pink satin slippers with the logo. Or my pink Moschino moto biker jacket, that actually got stolen from my pink palace! So if you are reading this, Moschino... please hook a pink sister up! [laughs]

Your hair is pink, obviously. How do you take care of it, does it require a lot of maintenance? Luckily, I have a wonderful hair colorist who keeps me "in the pink" always ! I met her on set for a TV show that I was on and we have been together since 2013. Her name is Bianca Hillier and she is at Andy Lacompte Salon (yes ,the one who does Madonna's lovely locks) in West Hollywood. I get a pink touch up every four to five weeks to keep it vibrant. I like to swim & that really takes the pink out so I need the pink to pop after the pool! I also love pink wigs and wear them often. I believe fashion should be fun!

Do you have a favorite pink Pantone? In the very beginning I did mostly pastel pink but then quickly I became a million shades of pink! I adore all shades of pink! The older I got the hotter the pink got! I play with all pinks though &  go through phases. Being a Gemini ,I can't make a decision so I mix it up a lot. lately I love hot pink and light pink in a duo mix. 

What does pink mean to you, why do you think it resonates so much with you? Pink pretty much defines my life as an entertainer. The color pink itself is known to be an uplifting, cheerful and fun which completely matches the spirit of my life & career, whether I am doing music, film or television. I have taken what pink is and poured it into my career. Thankfully, that is what draws the public in. It’s truly authentic. That is why my latest song, Pink Universe, says: "All are welcome into my Pink Universe." It is a message of love and acceptance for all. 

Is it hard to live in a pink world, when so much of what happens around us is black, and dark, and tragical? No, it's actually just the opposite.. It's been a lifesaver. It saves me from the drab, boring and most of all it makes the tragical... magical. And my life is even more magical because of the color pink. I love to inspire and make people happy and I find that it does! Everyday I get very sweet people telling me that I made their day. 

In addition to singing, you have done commercials, TV series, and a million things that we would not have space to list. What do you consider to be your profession? I would say I am an all around Entertainer. My life is all about Music, Film & TV. I am also considered an influencer on Instagram (@kittenkaysera) and make a living that way. I push some pink products.. but it has got to be pink!  The most satisfying thing is to be able to do what I love and just be myself and earn a living while doing it! That is what I call freedom of expression. 

Tell us a bit about your transition into music. I know that some years ago you began recording your own music. Is it true that Beyoncé did the vocals in one of your songs? I was born the youngest of 5 girls in a wild, loud, household. We were a very musical family with a band and rehearsed in the living room. As a baby, I didn't have a bottle in my hand,  I had a microphone! I sang for many years with my sisters and then went solo when I hit the pavement in Hollywood! Now I am The Pink Lady Of Hollywood! And yes, it's true! Beyoncé and I go way back. I met her when she was 16 years old. I went to mentor & speak to the students at the High School of Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston that I also attended. Later I asked Bey to perform back up on my tune, Sex Kitten, and she agreed. 

What are your projects as of now? I know I have mentioned my new music video, Pink Universe, that I am very proud of. But I am also working on a documentary about my pink life. I've also been searching since 2014 to find other people like myself who devote their lives to one color: I call us monochromatics. I would love to take a journey and meet them. I have finally found them all! I found my rainbow of people. If anyone wants to know more about the film or make a contribution, it would be a dream come true for me.

You are officially The Pinkest Person In The World. Does that title make you happy? Do you feel you accomplished something by having that title? Oh my gosh! It makes me so happy because I earned that title and no one else has it. It's like being the Queen of Pink. There really can only be one reigning Queen... I also wrote a song about being the Queen Of Pink! Being The Pinkest Person in the World, officially, is such an honor.  

Would you date someone that doesn't like pink? Never. I would have to have someone who likes pink and appreciates my pink life. They don't have to wear pink per se, but they have to appreciate it. I won't change my life or my color for anyone so if you can fit into what I have created, then I will accept you in to my pink world. But they would have to be very special indeed. My best friend always says  "It's Kitten's pink world and we are just living in it!" 

Translated from the original on the "Pink Issue", from may 2021.Full credits and story on the print version. 

Ana Murcho By Ana Murcho


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