4. 3. 2021

English Version | In the name of the rose

by Ana Saldanha


The French maison expanded its catalog. The beauty gesture grows with the Rose Hermès collection, created to mirror the heritage and history of the brands’ silks and leather.

One year of the creation of the first Hermès beauty ritual has passed. The lipstick was the chosen object to encapsulate the french fashion house ideals. The name was Rouge Hermès, a story told in 24 shades, from rich earthy tones to the warmest reds, not forgetting the iconic orange shade. The color inventory was born from an investigation about the silks and leathers from the house’s inventory and the beauty object was created from a symbiosis of color, finish, texture, scent, design, and luxury. Now the time has come to naturally expand the gesture and from the bold red we move to the delicate pink. A silken pink alluding to the brand’s history by imprinting its signature into every compact. Rose Hermès Silky Blush is born. A collection of eight delicate, luminous, feminine shades of pink. From the most subtle pink that reminds us of our childhood afternoons spent eating strawberry ice cream, to the most intense blush from our first kiss. From the golden rose skin by the sun to the pomegranate magenta. The texture embodies the name Silky: a velvety soft powder that can be more or less intense, depending on the mood and will. The powder refill, round like the apples of the cheeks, is marked with the twill weave of Hermès scarves. The round white compact, delicate but robust, with gold details and branded with the Hermès concave house logo is a luxury, long-lasting object, and its refillable feature makes it timeless. Calling it a beauty gesture has nothing vain about it. It symbolizes a ritual, a moment of indulgence and exception. To the collection a blush brush with wooden goat bristle fibres and travel blush brush is added - to reasonate with the times when women of the aristocracy carried their compacts for retouches.

To complement the touch of pink, three lipsticks expand the Rose Hermès chapter. The Rosy Lip Enhancer, in three satiny shades highlight the natural lips hue, giving them a wash of color. Their texture is like a fine wax, inspired by the feel of Butler calfskin, since the name Butler resembles butter because of its softness. The shades are a gradiente of soft, fresh, sweet pinks and are enriched with white mulberry extract and rasperry seed oil for a translucent color that softens and nourishes the lips. It is, in fact, more of a balm than a lipstick, aligning perfectlu with the rest of the Rose collections and its elegance ans subtelness. A touch of silk on the face, a touch of color on the lips. The ring that embelishes the white and gold cilinder, a classic trait of the Hermès lipstick, turns matte pink. The Rose Hermès collection is a perfect marriage between the multiple elements of the french maison. From the idea to the formulation, from the color story and design to the aroma. A symbiosis between Jérôme Touron, Creative director of Hermès Beauty, the mind behing the development of this product, Pierry Hardy, director of the fine jewellery and haute bijouterie, who imagined all the packaging, and Christine Nagel, the house perfumist who designed the fragrance. Each object is placed on the iconic orange box and exterior recycled paper case. Each object is transportable, refillable and, due to that, detached from its ephemerality. The attention to detail is in every single element and its in the details that the beauty gesture is composed, reafirmed, and now extendended - to savour, to linger.

*Originally published in The Creativity Issue of Vogue Portugal, from march 2021.
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