15. 7. 2020

English Version | Hansel & Gretel


The story about the brother and sister that find a house made of candy and gingerbread cookies - a decoy for a canibal witch to devour the two children - serves as a starting point for the next few pages. With the touch of darkness that the tales of the Grimm Brothers, like this one, are famous for, but punctuated by the innocence of the leading duo, put against the rebelness, femininity and sinful seduction of the vilain, the story you're about to discover has as much of moral as it has of provocative. With a wardrobe to match. Because one would have to be mad not to yearn for a fairytale-like closet. Creative direction by Ana Floubet. Photography by Iñigo Awewave. Styling by Javier de Pardo.

*Full story and credits on Vogue Portugal's The Madness Issue.