15. 7. 2021

English Version | Trends: The Nonsense Issue

by Ana Caracol & Eduarda Pedro


Here's our fashion trends for the nonsense issue.

A thousand sheets of cotton

This recipe is of easy difficulty, but not everyone will get the measurements right. Overlapping layers must be arranged carefully. The secret is to start with the larger layers and then move on to the smaller ones (don't tell anyone). At the end, let everything sit for a few minutes, in front of the mirror, decorate with the jewelry and accessories you want. When you feel ready, leave the house.

Party days

If years ago the evening dresses were discreet and sober, now we lost all the shame and got drunk with extravagance, volumes and strong colors. These new gowns are worthy of a red carpet, and if there's one thing this season has brought us it's a swarm of glamorous gala looks. We say looks because accessories are not far behind them either. The divorce with the stiletto and other high heels is already underway, so, being single again, we can wear, and put on, whatever we want.

Go outside by staying inside

This could be the slogan of an advertisement. But it is not. It is the way Fashion arranged for us to walk in pajamas on the street, jumping directly from bed to the office... or to the restaurant. Nobody, absolutely nobody, will notice. The only thing we have to do is pick up our wallet, essentials (keys, phone, lipstick) and walk out the door. Let's go?

Translated from the original, as part of Vogue Portugal's The Nonsense Issue, from July/August 2021.
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