English Version | Trends: Mirror issue

21 Jan 2021
By Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro

All the fashion trends from our Mirror issue translated..

See through me "Welcome to the Epicurean act", a state of tranquility and total freedom from fear. Here, the pieces work like a veil that lets our essence shine through, exposing what we normally want to hide, and making us achieve a state of ataraxia that we all want to reach - but that we sometimes fear, because we do not know what this may reveal, from us, to others. Bling it on Shine on you... crazy mirror ball. We apologize to Pink Floyd, but this time we want mirror balls instead of diamonds. We want a party, we want sparkles, we want lights, we want sequins, we want everything that reflects our desire to go back to a disco and rock the dance floor after so many months without a good night out. Enter the matrix What if what we think is reality is actually a simulation of reality? What if our reality is only one, among many others? Are déjà-vus a failure in our matrix? These are all difficult questions to answer, and each person's own perception of this topic leads to the creation of alternative reactions on a given subject. Fortunately we can reflect these thoughts in the way we dress and the truth is that this trend is on point, whether or not we believe it is simulated. Translated from the original on Vogue Portugal's The Mirror issue, published january 2021.Full credits and spread on the print issue.

Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro By Ana Caracol and Eduarda Pedro



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