9. 12. 2021

English Version | Tic-tac, tic-tac

by Vogue Portugal


The ticking of time never stops. That sound that, second by second, converts itself into the past and welcomes the future. Fleeting, it vanishes without a trace, living only so it can transform itself into memories. And even when we keep still, it moves, runs, surrounds us in deafening rhythmic silence with its ticking. It's this sound that announces that our life is nothing more than fragments, eternalized in memories with distorted shapes that we replay in our minds, as if it were a gif, in a loop. Time runs over the present at high speed, even if we don't notice. At times it might be too late and all that there’s left are moments to remember… and forget. Photography by Albert Watson. Styling by Julia Müller.      

Originally published in the Time issue of Vogue Portugal, from December/January 2021/2022. Full credits and story on the print version.