9. 12. 2021

English Version | Deja Vu

by Vogue Portugal


Where have I seen this before? During childhood. In a different city. In another home. In another person. In life. In another life. Right here, inside my own mind. The nostalgic feeling of a wardrobe, of a smell, of a scenery, it's enough of a trigger for time-traveling memories, recollections of times gone by, but that could be of the present. These patterns that I don, this cotton that I resurrect, this trunk of old possessions that is not in my room, but in the attic of my imagination, all of these are vivid images that could be ancient and antiquated, but that are always present. As if they have been able to cheat the space-time continuum. As if I’ve seen this before. Only I see it now. With even more clarity. Photography by Martina Keenan. Styling by Bárbara Vélez.

Originally published in the Time issue of Vogue Portugal, from December/January 2021/2022.
Full credits and story on the print version.