9. 12. 2021

English Version | The Magnificent Seven

by Vogue Portugal


The year has four seasons, but our time on earth has seven: introduction to life, our genesis; childhood, narcissistic; adolescence, that beast of metamorphosis; adulthood, coming as if a demand of our own power; motherhood, the tree of life and knowledge; old age, putting a stop to all possible wisdom; and finally, the epilogue - death. The human being, conscious of its mortality, lives consumed by two conflicts - existence and nothingness. The denial and the acceptance. To fight or to surrender. Because humanity is nothing more than time’s generosity. It’s not for nothing that the painting Saturno devorando a su hijo by Francisco de Goya, depicts Cronus (or Saturn as it's referred to in Roman mythology), god of time, slaughtering his offspring with the fear of being overthrown. An allegory about the passage of time where it's implicit that as inexorable as that defeat might be, humanity will always try to fight their black star: death. That's why human vanity always transpires, in everything we do, as a promise of an eternal return of a triumphant self, that can never be overcome. Creative direction by Nicola Delorme e Marie-Laure Cros. Photography by Nicola Delorme. Styling by Joana Dacheville.

Originally published in the Time issue of Vogue Portugal, from December/January 2021/2022. Full credits and story on the print version.