9. 12. 2021

English Version | Always Been Future

by Vogue Portugal


“Until today I’ve always been future.” The verse from Almada Negreiros, from his poem Rosa dos Ventos, has a life of its own. It points to infinite possibilities. To things that still might happen. It gathers all the life experiences from the past that erect the future self, a future self that is still in the present. However, it's in what's to come that everything is condensed: the illusions, the surprises, the dreams. We are obsessed with the future. We try to decipher it, to anticipate it in every way. We gaze at the stars looking for answers. We want to know “how it’s all going to turn out”. The present is merely a step to get somewhere. To the future, always. Creative direction and styling by Larissa Marinho. Photography by Branislav Simoncik.

Originally published in the Time issue of Vogue Portugal, from December/January 2021/2022.
Full credits and story on the print version.