10. 12. 2022

English Version | The Scarlet Letter

by Vogue Portugal


Creative direction and styling by Alexandre Dornellas. Photography by João Viegas.

The forbidden. The visceral. The delirium. Velvet - red in particular - may evoke lavishness and exuberance, but it is also a symbol of a lustful and hedonistic underworld that is as secretive as it is seductive. Appetizing and addictive, the warmer side of red in general, and of velvet in particular, imprints itself in mental images of desire, belonging, warmth - of warmths -, love and lust. It is in this duality of saint and sinner that the texture and the color are deemed stars in an editorial that seems forbidden, but is actually mandatory. Creative direction and styling by Alexandre Dornellas. Photography by João Viegas. 

Translated from the original on "The Velvet Touch" issue of Vogue Portugal, published December 2022.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.