5. 12. 2020

English Version | Love is all around us


And in everyone around us. And within our most intimate being.

And it is in all the ways we choose to demonstrate it and in all the emotions we contain within ourselves and that we share. It's in the way wewe connect with others and with ourselves.It's in the waywe express ourselves, like when we dance assuming no one isto see.It's in the light we turn on when it's pitch black, evenonlymetaphorically,and it isin the heatwe feelin the heart,even when temperatures point to the negative.It's ingenerosity, it is in nature, it is in being, it is in being, it is in Art.In fact, Love is an art.But you don't have to be an artist to love.Creative direction by Josephine Cho. Photography by Ricardo Abrahao. Styling by Larissa Lucchese.

*Translated from the original article from Vogue Portugal's Love issue, published in December 2020.
Full credits and story on the print issue.