7. 5. 2021

English version | Pink Diaries in the School of Love


Dear diary, today I did a visual report of all my friends and found out that we are all different. Different personalities, opposite tastes, wardrobes that we would never exchange, and convictions that do not touch one another, but that we respect each and everyone of them. I found out that fun is a common trait, that the will to live is multiplied among us all and that enjoying school is more than the books we read, it is also the cotton candy jokes that we exchange during breaks. I found out that the fuchsia with which youth is painted also has the heartache of bad grades and un-reciprocated love, but that the pastel pink of friendship that unites us is the common element of a memorable adolescence. Order the strawberry smoothies (or are we adults enough for a cosmopolitan?) for the 2021 class' table. Photography by Emmanuel Giraud. Styling by Lisa Jarvis.
Translated from the original on the "Pink Issue", from may 2021.
Full credits and story on the print version.