10. 12. 2022

English Version | Little Red Riding (in the) Hood

by Vogue Portugal


Photography by Ksenia Kargina. Styling by Joana Dacheville

Had Little Red Riding Hood a scarlet closet like this, she would not have ventured into the woods alone. These curve-hugging dresses are not for the woods, but rather call for a Christmas dinner worthy of their refinement. These revealing miniskirts and cut-outs are not for family visits, they instead call for a disco night with an eggnog cocktail capable of putting any open bar to shame. This sportswear would be wasted on a Sunday afternoon at grandma's house, it belongs in everyday life, where the word cool is the best synonym for warm. These shades of red are not a complete look, because everyone knows that Christmas is not only about red. Specially as this star is no Little Red Riding Hood, because no Big Bad Wolf would dare cross her path. Photography by Ksenia Kargina. Styling by Joana Dacheville

Translated from the original on "The Velvet Touch" issue of Vogue Portugal, published December 2022.
Full stories and credits on the print issue.