7. 5. 2021

English Version | Ms. Rose


Ms. Rose is an affectionate mother. Ms. Rose is a loving, fair, strict mom when she has to be, though caring at all times. Ms. Rose doesn't always have a pink life, but she does her styling as if she did. She doesn't stick to stereotypes or preconceived ideas as to what a mother should look like, nor does she buy into the cliché of the “mommy” look. She does not allow the role of being a mother to override her woman's role; on the contrary, she makes sure it adds a new dimension to her feminine power. Ms. Rose is sweet, tender, concerned as a mother should be. Ms. Rose is also cool, and rock'n'roll and avant-garde, as a mother should be. Photography by Lara Alegre. Styling by Fátima Monjas.

Translated from the original on the "Pink Issue", from may 2021.
Full credits and story on the print version.