21. 1. 2021

English Version | Mirror mirror on (thy) wall...


…who sees me the fairer of them all? When confronting my reflection, what returns to me is more than the physical features that are repeated on it. It's my spirit, my emotions, my temper. And after confronting it - it being my reflection -, the spirit changes, my emotions change, my temper changes. As a mental filter, the psychological influence of what the eyes see, or rather perceive, of what is returned to us by the mirror, directly interferes with our perception of the self, with my perception of my reflection, of my world... which in turn multiplies my self in split personalities. And you can see them all, living it up on this side of the mirror. Or should I say on the other side of the mirror? Creative direction and photography by Arnaud Ele. Art direction by Laura Knoops. Styling by Sina Braetz.

*Originally translated from Vogue Portugal's The Mirror Issue, publishd january 2021.
Full credits and story on the print issue.