9. 10. 2020

English Version | Primary Colors


And the secondary ones after that: from the pure color that is blue, next to its red and yellow pairings, comes the full spectrum that paints the following pages. In a chromatic degradé that explores the rainbow of a planet that could never disregard the blue after which it is named, it is in the light where the best combinations occur. A part of the addictive triad that makes for RGB – red, green & blue -, and that brings us white, as much as its subtractive shares like magenta (red + blue), yellow (red + green) and cyan (green + blue), whose mixture brings us black, it’s in its projection that we can better tell the stories reflected on our skin, walls and closets. Like a technicolor film in a sequence of movie stills. Photography by Nuri Garre. Styling by Alex Montoya.

Originally published on Vogue Portugal October 2020 issue, Into The Blue.