2. 9. 2021

English Version | Aurora



That is its name. And the name of the colour palette painting it and the name of the light coming from it.

The orange tones that smoke away into shades of pink and purple teared apart by the dusky morning blues. The light that wakes up the day and that sparks over the surfaces, over the skin, over the face. The cold tones from a night that ends and the warm tones from a dawn that rises and that warm up body, soul and the necessaire of a morning make-up. The chromatic selection that announces a new day and a new start. Photography by Simon Thiselton. Styling by Oliver Volquardsen. Hair by Ryo Narushima. Makeup by Porsche Poon. 

Originally translated from the New Beginnings issue, published September 2021.
Full credits and stories on the print issue.