9. 12. 2021

English Version | Beauty of the times

by Mariana Silva


Have you ever though about which would be the most desired Beauty product exactly one century ago? And what about which product has innovated the most in the beginning of the millennium? We have made a journey through the past 100 years and discovered the names, and the tendencies, that have remained in history.


It was in 2021 that we celebrated the 100th anniversary of a product that needs no introduction. Marilyn used it to sleep, the rest of the world uses it to seduce. From the roaring 20s until today, the Nº5 remains a classic that no one can match. 

Eau de Parfum N.º 5 Limited Edition 2021, € 150, Chanel. 


The importance of the red lipstick has never been foreign to the evolution of makeup. In the 1930s, it were the deep shades that were in the center of attention, in part due to black and white movies, which darkened the red tones when seen on the big screen. 

Noir Red 1930 lipstick, € 25,95, Bésame Cosmetics. 


On the 12th of February 1947, Christian Dior was launching his first Fashion collection. More than  the shown looks, it was the rouge shade on the models’ hands that stood out, a nail polish of his own creation, that is still sold today under the reference 999. 

Gel nail polish, in the shade Rouge 999, € 30,50, Dior. 


Released for the first time in 1953, the facial powder Crème Puff from Max Factor is the multitasker product essential to a flawless skin. With a soft and matte finishing, this makeup classic was a part of the Beauty kits of many celebrities who thrived during the 50s. 

Crème Puff pressed powder, € 9,45, Max Factor.


There are classic products and there are cult products. Crème de La Mer, whose sale began in 1965, is one of the products that fulfils the last category. This creation by the German physicist Max Huber was intended to the treat his own wounds, but it ended up transforming into one of the biggest global successes desired by Beauty groupies. 

Crème de La Mer moisturising cream, € 170, La Mer. 


One of the products that helped launch the cosmetic collection released by Yves Saint Laurent in the 70s was the Rouge Pur Couture lipstick. The first shade presented, a fuchsia color that is still available, portraits perfectly its time of birth, in which color explosion was not an exception, but rather a rule. 

Rouge Pur Couture lipstick, in the shade Le Fuchsia 19, € 39,50, Yves Saint Laurent.


Known as the first night serum of the industry, the Advanced Night Repair came up in 1982 to revolutionise the world of Beauty. Despite suffering slight changes in its formula - in 2020, Estée Lauder launched the fifth version of the product - the little brown bottle is still has relevant today as it was 40 years ago. 

Advanced Night Repair serum, € 87,15, Estée Lauder. 


We could talk about the eyebrow design of the 90s, but we chose to feature a highlight of this decade, namely the introduction of Orgasm into the world of makeup. The blush tone presented by Nars in 1999 is still a best-seller in the industry. 

Blush, in the shade Orgasm, € 36,90, Nars, at Sephora.pt. 


Entering a new century also brought novelties to the cosmetic industry, with Giorgio Armani adding a Beauty collection to its brand. One of the products with which it premiered was the Luminous Silk foundation, having contributed to the general adoption of a more minimalist makeup style, also known as the “no makeup makeup look”.  

Luminous Silk foundation, € 57,50, Giorgio Armani, at Douglas.pt. 


It was in 2012 that La Prairie got its breakthrough in the world of skincare, after launching the Skin Caviar Liquid Lift serum. The product was an immediate phenomenon and opened the way for the use of innovative ingredients in the industry.

Skin Caviar Liquid Lift serum, € 648, La Prairie, at Elcorteingles.pt.


At the present decade, we must highlight the growing appreciation for a more minimal and natural Beauty, based on organic ingredients that respect nature. Caudalie is one of the brands that more improvements has done in this field, with its ranges Vinergetic C+ and Resveratrol-Lift deserving a strong focus. 

Instant Détox Vinergetic C+ mask, € 24, Caudalie. 

Originally published in the Time issue of Vogue Portugal, from December/January 2021/2022.
Full credits and story on the print version.

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