21. 1. 2021

English Version | Backstage: Mirror issue


What happens backstage in Vogue, doesn't stay backstage in Vogue.

Very superstitious…

Mirrors have always been the subject of beliefs and mysticism, but not all of it is bad: it is said that if a couple looks at themselves in the mirror shortly after getting married it is a way of uniting their souls; it is also said that if someone drops a mirror on the floor but it doesn't break, that's luck; luck can also come from being accidentally scared by your reflection, that is, if you pass through a mirror and be surprised by your reflection, good things are about to happen. Perhaps because of this, mirrors have always been a reason for fascination and fear, a theme that we explore on page 190.

I'll be your mirror

The twins develop a language that only they understand. More than just friends, the twins are a kind of a small gang - because they are the reflection and continuation of each other, the maximum communion of the human being as an imperfect entity, but in a way eternal. Maria and Alexandra Spanidou are identical twins, and started out as professional swimmers before immersing themselves in the fashion world. Now they share their empathy on the pages of Vogue, in the editorial The imaginary friend, on page 242, where they give a whole new meaning to the expression “look in the mirror.”

Mirror, mirror, on the issue

This edition could not be called The Mirror Issue without including an actual mirror - but not any kind of mirror. The mirrored cardboard that comes with this magazine is, above all, a reading tool. It can be used to discover the accessories from the Split Distortion editorial, found on page 36, as well as some of the titles throughout the pages, which with your help they gain meaning, that is, they find their true reflection.

Sabia que…

…the offices of Lighthouse Publishing, the house responsible for publishing Vogue, were once a gym? In the 70s, the space that now hosts the magazine's newsroom was a health club, and its sui generis decor was characterized by... you guessed it, dozens of walls covered with mirrors. Many of them remained after the extreme makeover necessary to welcome a team of journalists, stylists and designers, some disappeared completely - such as the one in the bathrooms, which gave way to a mantra, “You Look Amazing” - whilst others have been added, such as the gigantic mirror at the entrance door, which reflects the best of all who come in here, day after day.